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Paras Hospital, Kanpur (U.P.)

  • 400 Bed Multi-Specialty hospital getting ready by early 2023.

  • 80+ AHUs , 130 +FCUs, 100 HP of VRV system & associated electrical works.

  • Total 6 OTs for major surgeries & 150 Bed for NICU & other critical care.

  • AHU’s are equipped with HEPA filters to maintain air quality standards.

  • 500 TR Chiller & 300 KW Heat pump system for hot water generation.

  • Basement Ventilation with PLC based control system.

  • Pressurization system & Smoke Exhaust system.

Paras Hospital.jpg

Hiranandani Hospital, Thane

  • 180 Bed Tertiary care Hospital

  • 2 nos 210 TR water cooled screw chillers along with 2 nos of 210 TR Brine chillers catering to 6 Floors of total load capacity 900 TR.

  • 11 OT rooms with temperature of 20+/-2 °C & 55%RH.

  • 24 hours   air conditioning is designed for Entrance lobby, Radiology, In patient rooms, Operating room, CSSD, Intensive care units, Pharmacy, Server rooms, Pre-post operation rooms, Protective and Infectious isolation rooms, Nuclear Medicine, Cath labs.

  • 8 ACPH is maintained to ensure highest quality of ventilated air as per design requirements.

  • AHUs are provided with energy recovery wheels- ERW’s.

  • The plant room is equipped with 24 high end automated pumping system for primary, secondary chilled water with separate pumps for 12 hour & 24 hour circuits, cooling tower, thermal storage, brine circuits & also for heat pumps.

  • Thermal water storage of capacity 1250 TR - Cristopia make is used to reduce energy consumption, make use of dual tariff & provide cooling during peak time.


Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery

  • 220 Bed Cancer Specialty hospital. This institution was established by Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Kerala.

  • Our scope was to provide air conditioning system for Existing OP block   and newly constructed Radio Therapy block.

  • 304 HP VRF system connected with Cassette indoor units to provide comfort air conditioning to Consulting rooms, Classrooms, Conference rooms.

  • 105 Tr DX system connected with AHU to serve chemo ward, Scan Areas, Research areas.

  • AHU’s are equipped with HEPA filter to maintain air quality standards.


Godrej Memorial Hospital, Vikhroli

  • Godrej Memorial Hospital is a NABH and NABL accredited hospital.

  • It is a 110 bed modern multi-specialty hospital which provides Hyperbaric Medicine, HBOT and Emergency Medical Care.

  • The system comprises of many AHUs & are connected to 200 HP VRV system.

  • OTs are equipped with HEPA Filters to maintain air quality standards.


Surya Hospital, Santacruz

  • 125 Bed Hospital super Specialty Mother and Child Care Hospital.

  • All three Operation theatres equipped with Laminar Air Flow terminal HEPA Filters for highest air quality standards.

  • OTs used for Neonatal surgeries are equipped with high efficiency AHUs with DX coils.


Sushrut Hospital, Chembur

  • A very popular multi-specialty 80 bed hospital managed & operated by Public Sector Undertaking.

  • The entire hospital was revamped by removing old chiller & replacing it with power efficient Daikin make VRV system



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