Under this contract, AIPL provides competent resources based on the scope & SLA signed with clients. The contract covers only the manpower operations. The cost & all spares & other works are on chargeable basis.

The resources are provided, based on specific client requirements. These resourced are trained in our, in-house training center for functional & as well as soft skills. The training program can further be customized based on clients’ inputs & feedback. AIPL & its resources are fully compliant on all aspects of regulations & statutory compliances.


In such contracts, the entire equipment is covered for all its parts & services including complaint calls & Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) at regular intervals.

The plastic parts, body & coils are not covered under these contracts, unless otherwise specifically agreed upon. The entire client data gets managed through software for scheduling, tracking & machine performance records thus creating better client experience.

Maintenance is taken for any makes. AIPL has the ability to diagnose & provide spares in quick time. The area of operation is divided into zones based on client population with supervisor effectively managing field technicians of each zone.

The technicians are always on field with our three pronged strategy of

CAP (Cash thru App) | RAP (Reports thru App) | SAP (Spares thru App)

These actions always help us being more productive on field & thereby enhancing our SLA parameters, especially of response time & uptime.

Electrical Audit

  • Thermograph with Infra-Red camera to identify hotspots in DBs & cable shafts to spot high temperature to pre-empt possible fire incidences.

  • Inspection of each electrical installation to identify potential hazards.

  • Inspection and checks of emergency lighting lay out of the building.

  • Inspection of DG room and Battery bank and testing the operation of AUTO/MANUAL.

  • Inspection and recheck of earth pit resistance as per IS 3043 of NEC.

  • Measurement & improvement of power factor.

  • Power quality analysis with focus on removal of harmonics.

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Value Added Services

  • Power quality analysis & solutions for harmonic

  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of HYBRID Capacitor Panel.

  • Measurement & Improvement of Power Factor.

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