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Life Safety

  • A team of trained engineers and technicians visit and carry out thorough checks on the functionality of life safety systems like monitoring the pressure of Main Pumps, Jockey Pumps and Booster Pumps required for proper operation.

  • Checks on Infrastructure for safety measure like building hydrants, sprinklers and wet riser.

  • Checks on Pumps panel and Fire brigade inlet working.

  • Comprehensive service plan with spare parts and consumables.

  • Check on Functionality of Detection system with integrated voice evacuation system.

  • Check on gas suppression engineered system installed for mission critical application like battery room, server rooms and panel room. 

Life Security

  • Check on  CCTV Surveillance system IP/ Analog.

  • Check on the functionality of  Boom Barrier and gate automation system

  • Check on operations of Bollards and flap barrier 

  • Check on  operations of Floor entrance system accesses with fire integration gateway

Building Automation and Monitoring System

  • Checks on functioning of “Control and monitoring” of building utilities.

  • Calibration of  the sensor and field devices.

  • Re programming of parameters as per the climatic condition.

  • Operation and maintenance of Intelligent building management system.

  • Energy consumptions evaluation in the building and relate.

  • Check on Indoor Air Quality -IAQ management.

  • Efficient management of services & Enhancement on energy savings.

Fire Detection

  • Design, execute and maintain emergency communication systems that support one-way or two-way communication systems.

  • Design, execute and maintain a Fire Detection system not only to detect heat, smoke but also capable to detect hazardous gases and Flame.

  • Build, commission, maintain and operate multi-brand and multi-technology hardware and software.

Life Safety System – Pump Room

  • Fire Safety mass awareness program.

  • Fire Risk and Hazards analysis.

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